Araeah's Red Seduction




Introducing My Future Stud





Above Photos At 6 Months of Age




Above 2 photos at 3 months of age


Adding Leatherstocking Lines To Majestic Lines

With This Handsome

All RED Bred Male 

AKC Registered



Current Weight at 6 Months of Age = 43.5 #'s


Hip PreLim Xray Done in Madison On March 12, 2018

Results By Dr Siegle



OFA Hip PreLim Report Finding



Duck has completed the following health testing:


DM = Normal (clear)

NEWS = Normal (clear)

VWD = Normal (clear)

prcd - PRA DNA Test = Normal (clear)

GM2 Gangliosidosis (Poodle Type) = Normal (clear)

Osteochondrodysplasia =Normal (clear)


Eye Certification Registry =

OFA Thyroid = Normal

Cardiac = Results at 1 Year of Age

Dentition = Full

OFA Hips = Final Results at 24 Months of Age

OFA Elbows = Final Results at 24 Months of Age



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