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Early Scent Introduction

Day 3 Through Day 16

What It Means:

For practical purposes, these results mean the potential for even better companion,

service and therapy dogs. Service dogs can also use scent to identify the early stages

of diabetic reaction, or the onset of a seizure. All these skills are enhanced by ESI.

Of course, not all dogs are going to be service or therapy animals, but their potential

will be greater.

Here at Araeahs, we perform the Early Scent Introduction on all our Standard Poodle

Puppies because we understand how important a dog's sense of smell is to him and his

brain function. Our dogs noses are 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive to smells

than our human noses, depending on the dog breed.


The Procedure for Early Scent Introduction:

Araeahs begins this routine when puppies are three days old and stop at 16 days of age.

We use peppermint, closes, lemon, apples, dirt, essential oils, cat hair, sheep wool, duck

or goose feathers, chicken feathers, cloths with goat scent, leaves leather tracking

gloves, lavender, alpaca wool and oranges.

Everyday we introduce a new scent.





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