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    Red Man Done to Perfection        

Photo Current as of


Color Testing

ayat, ee, KbKb, S/S


Current Size

Height: 26"

Weight:  59 lbs

10 Generation COI = 5.15%

12 Generation COI = 6.63%


OFA Health Testing Results 

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Percy is available for Stud Service

Color Testing

AyAt, ee, KbKb, S/S




Percy now 5 months old and growing!!!

Loves to ride along with us in the van!!

We are excited to add "Percy" to our Breeding Program

Percy is a dark rich red color

With a loving, calm, sweet temperment

Percy is always smiling

He is going to be a BIG boy

30 pounds at only 4 months

53 pounds at 9 months

57.9 pounds at 1 year





Picked up "Percy" today from the Eau Claire Airport 

May 7th, 2015

8 Weeks Old

What a Sweetheart!



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