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      Puppies in Their New Homes



Meet Charlie

AKA - Elf from Misty/Zorro Litter 12/20/21

First Time Out w/His Dad




Meet Rowen


Good Morning,

Rowen is doing wonderful!
He is just the best!
Here's a pic of him my husband took while I was at work the other day.
He likes to sleep like a human.
I added a few more because he's so cute!
Thanks for checking in,

This is Bailey with his Human
Meet Cinder
We are loving our Cinder. He is just so sweet and busy!
We are so thankful for him! ��
Meet Karmann
Thank you so much for this wonder little blessing from God.

He is so sweet. Susan held him all the way home without issues.

He did vomit when on the lawn.

We fed him and back outside to do a big poo. What a good boy.
He is sleeping now.

Thank you again Rae Ellen.

Kirt & Susan
Meet Rafi
Hi Rae Ellen

Hope this finds you well.
Just wanted you to know how much we love our dear Rafi.
( light blue boy)
He's the best puppy. So smart and so sweet!
He's completely in our hearts!
And by no means is he small.
We think he's getting bigger by the hour!
Stay well.
Gisela and Glenn

Meet 2 year old Ranger


Hello Rae Ellen —
I wanted to reach out to let you know that Ranger is absolutely
thriving and we can’t imagine our family without him.

The teddy bear haircut photo was taken in late July
and the more traditional cut photo was taken today.

Stephanie Flowers

Meet Jasper - MN
Hi Rae Ellen!
Thought you would enjoy seeing Jasper in his life jacket,
doing the doggie paddle!
Happy 4th to you!



This is "Rusty" living with his great family in IL 

Bella/Percy Boy

Rusty is Proof

Standard Poodles can also sport the "TeddyBear" Clip


Thank you so much Rae Ellen Cuykendall 

for giving us the opportunity to have Rusty as part of our family.

He is the best thing that happened to our family! ❤️







Living in MN

Bella / Percy Litter

My gosh.....this puppy is SMART!!  She is going to keep me on my toes. 
She is also BEAUTIFUL!  We are working on our crate training and potty training. 
She already understands "go outside" and "go for a walk" and "go to bed". 
She is sleeping in a small crate, on top of my bed next to my pillow. 
She slept in bed with me for the first couple of nights and she loves to snuggle.  
Her name is Josie (a combination of my mother and grandmother)....
and she is getting along great with the other two dogs. 
I'm excited for warm weather so I can see how she does in the Kayak with me. 
I've attached a picture that says it all...Happy Holidays! 


Percy / Rubie Litter

Ozzie is living in VT


He’s just the best puppy. So sweet and smart and funny :).

He runs as fast as he can buries his snout in the snow and somersaults.

It’s hysterical. I feel so lucky to have him! Thanks again  Susan 




This is  "Sammy" 

Born Christmas Day 2017


Rae, when we were getting Sammy you told me he was a cuddler....

and I am amazed at how true that statement is!

He will literally plant himself on my lap no matter what and no matter how big he’s getting.

Look at this picture. My youngest daughter IS somewhere under him.

I was sitting with her and he just came over and sat right on top of us.



Percy/Rubie Female 

Living in MI with her Great Family


This was us when we got home, not one accident in the car the entire way,

and she told us every time she had to go potty...

she's a pro!




Percy / Rubie Female

Hi Rae Ellen -

A quick update on Imogene Cocoa,

from the Percy - Rubie litter of May 2017.  

She was spayed earlier this week, so may I ask you to please send her AKC papers?  

The receipt for the spaying is attached.  

I have also included a recent photo.  

She is in great health, very active and very loving -  

a wonderful companion,

so thanks for breeding such beautiful pups.  

She currently weighs 38 pounds,

so have a ways to go before she reaches weight of her mom.

All the best,




This is Mollie

Percy / Rubie Girl

She is a great dog

and has passed both basic and intermediate obedience classes.  

The instructor was impressed with how quick she catches on to new things.

Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks, Marsha L.




Araeah's Worth The Trip To Cantope


(Percy / Rubie Litter Born  April 7, 2016)


Hello Rae Ellen:

Tripper is turning into a very handsome young man.

He has a very easy going temperament and willing to please personality.





Hi Rae Ellen,  

What strikes me most about our new little guy

is how calm, gentle and sweet he is.  

Everyone who has met him says the same thing - "he is such a good puppy".

 He is a great little dude!

Thank you again so much! 



Stuart is so big, definitely about 60lbs!! 

He is a good boy and has been doing well and just got neutered 2 weeks ago-

recovered great. 

He LOVEs other dogs and gets 2 long walks a day

and has to meet EVERY person that walks by him.  

He is quite handsome

and all the neighbors just love watching him come down the street :-)




Here are two pictures of our Maggie, one of Emmys born jun 23, 2016.  

You can share her pictures.  Yes she is the black collar girl.
She is very smart and easy to train. 
We have to be one step ahead of her all the time.  
We haven't weighed her since late January when we had her spayed
she weighed 40 pounds then and I am sure she weighs more now.
She is a very loving dog likes to sleep around my head for part of the night. 
We have a large fenced in yard so she can run and boy can she go. 
She is not real interested in animals,
birds or the ducks on the pond but she is very friendly with other dogs.
She loves to play and be where ever we are.  
We are looking forward to warmer weather so we can be out on the deck and she can be out more. 
My husband goes out with her and plays with her a lot. 
She has bonded to both of us but would have to say she is my dog. 
Thanks again for her.




Best Dog!  Picked him up last June... Prince Vilas of Hinterland



This is Qunicy

Beautiful Smiling Boy Just Like Percy and Bella




I had to send this mail to you I have green collar boy from Bella and Percy 4/24/17 I named him Quincy.
I take him everywhere with me and the compliments I get are unbelievable,
everyone says they have never seen a red poodle before.
Just a gorgeous color I sent you a text a while back about him smiling,
he does it but not all the time. He loves my grandchildren and just about everyone he sees.
I have a 9 year old female and he loves her, they play all the time.
After about 2 weeks I could see he was starting to get use to my routine.
All housebroken, and start obedience this Saturday.
One time you said to me it will be worth waiting for one of your puppies wow were you right.
I take him to the Farmers market every Saturday
and someone asked me if he was a golden doodle
can you imagine that person obviously didn't know her dogs.
Oh well I could go on all night about my beautiful baby boy.
All good things to say to do a wonderful job with your puppies.
I will let you know at the end of 6 weeks how our obedience goes. He is so smart already he scares me.
Thanks for making my life so much better.
Diane B. 
This is 
Campobello Island Summer Rose
She is a Percy/Rubie Puppy
Hello, Rae Ellen,
Words cannot express how pleased we are with our beautiful
Campobello Island Summer Rose. (Pink Collar Girl , Ruby's 05-17-17 litter).
To say she is smart, eager to please, easily trained, calm, affectionate, playful, mischievous,
friendly with people and other dogs,
and takes everything in stride doesn't begin to capture the essence of her personality
or the pleasure she beings us every day.
She and our 10 year 7 pound red poodle, California Rosebud,
play every day and it's hilarious given their age and size difference!
The Rosebud is the BOSS!
So, my concerns about bringing a large puppy into our home were unfounded. 
Thank you again for breeding such lovely poodles,
beautiful inside and out!
Ken and Deborah Finch
Em-Me / Percy Litter
Let me start off by saying I have always wanted a red standard poodle.
I just think they are so elegant.
I have done research on this breed long before we committed to adding one to our family.
And when I thought I knew everything there was to know about standard poodles
and even dogs for that matter,
Rae Ellen was there to give us even more education. 
I have done research of so many standard poodle breeders (there are a lot)
and she stayed the one and only breeder we were willing to adopt our new baby from.
I have never purchased a dog from out of state before or out of driving distance,
so that was a bit stressful. Let me tell you,
Rae Ellen has been there every step of the way to put our worries at ease and answer any questions I had. 
We just received our new bundle of joy, brown collar boy aka Chewie (short for chewbacca)
and he has been such a wonderful, calm dog.
I have never, in my life met a puppy this calm.
The other reviews are true about the demeanor of these puppies.
I have a thirteen, ten and 3 year old kids and he has loved all of the attention
and is so playful and gentle at the same time. Chewie has a lot of character,
you can see it in his eyes.
He's also been very easy to house train so far,
I know we'll have accidents but compared to our Pomeranian,
he's been a breeze. He's also very obedient and loves positive reinforcement.
He gets along great with our 6 year old Pomeranian.
They sounded like a herd of buffalo playing this morning. 
Chewie was supposed to be my new baby but everyone,
including my husband has claimed him lol.
No worries though, when we're ready for another baby I'll know who to call! 
Thank you Rae for being so patient and knowledgeable.
You have done such a great service for this breed.
To anyone looking for a new family member with four paws, look no further!
Take it from your friend in GA �
I'll post pictures of him and more info as he grows, maybe a few videos �
Heather S.


Below Tom & Tucker


Hi RaeEllen!!  Our friend's photographer daughter took this of Tucker on Saturday...

he's about a week and a half short of 6 months in it (11/3/2017) 

I love this picture...

What a sweet boy he is...we are so blessed to have him.  -Kelly & Tom




This is "Mayah"

one of Rubie/Percy puppies living in AZ and appears she is loving it!!




This is "Remi" Loving the snow in WI 

She is a Em-Me / Percy Girl




This is Annabelle 

She is a Percy / Bella Puppy and living in TX

I love my Annabelle so much she is amazing



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